Monday, March 7, 2011

pleasure to meet'cha

Hi!  Welcome to The Widow, the Girl, and the Land.  This blog came about somewhat on its own.  The story of how all this happened will emerge in a following post.  But for now, I'll tell you that when this rare opportunity to pursue my dream slapped itself on my forehead, I knew (without doubt) that I would take it, and that it needed to be documented.  So, naturally, the blogosphere would be my rooftop.  The name came on its own too, actually.  Maybe a little strange sounding, but true.  When I realized this journey needed to be blogged, I had a moment's thought about what I would call it.  And just as quickly as that thought came, the answer appeared.  There was no having to think on it, really.  It was simply "the widow, the girl, and the land".  I liked it as soon as I thought it, and that's that.  WGL will document all kinds of things.  Here, you can expect to see crafty DIY projects, before and after pictures, posts about sustainabillity and going (more) green, and stories and pictures of the homestead life.  And you will see recipes for healthy eating.  There will be how-to's on making cheese, yogurt and kefir, and I will probably be forever experimenting with icecream.  Yes sir/ma'am.  (Icecream isn't what most people call healthy, but I will do my part to make it health-IER.  Rose Lassi Icecream anyone?) Little Lady Ann and I are both big advocates for whole foods (not Whole Foods, peeps.  Whole and real food.  Although, I do some shopping at Whole Foods). B-T-Dubbs, my understanding of "healthy" isn't "fat free", "lite", "low cal", or "sugar free"  (although my vice is Diet Coke/Pepsi.  I'm working on it!  Back off!).  But, I will also say that I am no scientist, and I'm not even an expert on any of these things.  Most of my learning has been from resources most people have access to, from the testimonies of others, or from my own personal experiences.  I read articles that convincingly argue for one thing, and then I read another article that does well to counter-argue.  So if you have questions, feel free to ask, and I will try to answer as wisely as I can.  I will likely cite some resources, but then encourage you to do more research.  I'm learning too.  Mostly, this blog is about the adventures of (starting out with) two shes who have been handed some land.  I'm not even exactly sure what to tell you about where the journey is going.  How this whole thing came about is unique and really pretty supernatural.  We're both sort of on the edge of our seats to see what God's gonna do.  We did not orchestrate this.  It just happened.  All we know is that we both love Jesus, and we both love the land.  We love the realm of nature and how everything works so systematically, except with the help (or destruction) of humans, at times.  Think about it!  The bees pollinate the plants, which helps the plants grow.  The plants cross-polinate each other, which helps each other grow.  Bees make honey, and honey, in its raw form, is healing!  And animal poop is good for our food!  What is thaaat all about?!  But, it is!  Anyway, The Widow, the Girl, and the Land is a tale of two shes.  This is the introduction.  I hope you'll join us as our chapters are written, and that you'll love the adventure with us!  God is so good!

Disclosure:  I am no grammar hero.  I think I do okay.  But, if my grammar and punctuation issues drive you nuts, feel free to point out my errors.  Because, I err.  I hope not much.  I feel like a weight just lifted.  However, I like short sentences, and that, you proabably will not stop.


  1. Good luck in your adventure. Ron

  2. Bless God in all He's doing!!

    What a beautiful introduction to what Im certain will be one of the most grand adventures in life thus far!! I will be so blessed to read and in that small way, partake in all the Lord has orchestrated!! I can't wait to learn along with you as you continue this blogging adventure!!

    PS i think the blog it's tied me to is from when I studied abroad in Brazil, lol almost 5 years old and not anywhere near updated, but i wanted to be able to comment!!

    (( :: XoxOxoXoXoxo :: ))

    <3 <3 Abigail

  3. I am thrilled to follow the exciting adventures the Lord has in store for you April. I am honored and blessed to have you as a friend. Keep tilling, turning and churning! God bless you, the widow and the land.