Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh my.

It’s been another long while since I’ve written.  I'm a bit suspicious my posting may be sporadic for the next month or two.  We’re running behind trying to get everything planted and  our seeds sprouting, but when things calm down, I hope to have my ninja-blog writing skills down pat.  Stealth-like.  Bam!  You won’t even know what slapped you.  (It wasn’t me.  Or was it?  As I said, you won’t even know...)  Speaking of seed-starting, I’m not sure what the deal is, but  we are having a hard time with our seeds.  It’s not our faults, I’m sure of......  Mmkay.  Who am I kidding.   Somehow, my parents, who merely have a table set up in their living room, have big, beautiful strong-stemmed plants that they ALSO started from seed.  WE have a setup of shelves, WITH growlights (yes, adjustable ones, so we have them close to the seedlings while they’re germinating), and a lot of our seeds are shooting up spindly little  plants.  Wuttup with that?  We’re watering them!  We don’t leave the growlights on at night, so they do have their “sleep”.  We don’t have heat on them, but my parents don’t either.  Advice/experiences, anyone? 

I said in the last post that the next few posts would be set aside for character introductions.  This makes for an awkward post for me to write because, in a way, writing all these "I" statements makes me feel a little self absorbed.  However, whenever I read a blog, I love getting to know the author and hearing their stories.  It's fun for me to see what makes them and what has shaped them.  So, to start, I’ll play Captain Obvious and tell you that my name is April.  True Story.  My friend, Marina (who, I also hope to introduce you to, because she is, like, so totally legit.), calls me Eh-prehl, which makes me giggle.  Think French when you try to pronounce it.  And when she says “Eh-prehl”, there’s this neck-thrust thing that she does that is AWESOME.  I told you—legit.  Anyway, I am 29 years old.  I cringe a little as I write that.  I am less than 4 short months from no longer being a 20-something.  My heart is asking my mind permission to break over this news, but I am edicting that new seasons shall be embraced by all.  By “all”, I mean ALL of me.  Including my newly forming wrinkles.  I'm learning to embrace the aging process, and am actually starting to think of them as "cute".  Yes.  I am declaring my baby wrinkles to be cute.  Beautiful, even. 

Okay, moving on.  I’m adopted.  I and my brother, Seth, were living with my grandma who was from England.  Killer accent.  Loved it.  Miss it.  She took us to church one morning, and, apparently we were little misfits who wore out our beloved self-sacrificing Brit.  (By the way, she had a boyfriend named “Bob”, but she had to call him “Robert”, because with her accent, she would call him “Boob”.   Also a true story.)  A super couple saw how tired she was, so they offered to take us the following weekend.  The plan was for us to stay with them on Friday night, then return to “Boob”’s girlfriend Saturday morning.  We did stay the night, but the following morning, Grandma had a heart attack.  She survived, but couldn’t (obviously) take care of us any longer.  So, SuperCouple (I’ll call them “Mom” and “Dad” from here on out.), decided that they liked us enough to keep us.  They have two sons of their own, Dennis and Doug.  They grew to like us.  I think.  Dennis is married to a cute red-head named Karen, and they have 3 boys that I adore.  Logan, Peyton, and Mason are their names.  Doug is in the Army, and has had two rounds in Baghdad, and one in Egypt.  He’s done.  Seth is 2,000,000 miles away (Texas) from his adoring family.  I also have a very talented interior designer half brother, Dane, who lives in D.C., and a strong and courageous half sister, Jennifer, who lives in Texas.  Anyway, I shared my adoption story because when people find out I’m adopted, I get a lot of curious looks, and then some apologies “for asking, and you don’t have to share if you don’t want to, but how did it all happen?”   I don’t mind sharing.  Yes, I keep in touch with my biological mom, and I have a good relationship with her. 

Right now, I work at a pizza place.  I’ve been with them for ten years in November, and I still love my job.  I’ve had my share of burn-out days, but, because of the people I work for and with, I remember why I love my job.  And then I bounce back. 

I like to go running, except I’m in a dry spell right now. 

I like to eat healthy, but I also like to eat junk.  I love Mexican.  And pizza.   My friend, Kirk (a window-washer/male-model who also loves Jesus), asked me today if I was tired of pizza yet.  What!?  Impossible.  I try to eat lots of veggies and fruit.  Pizza gets in the way, though, and often. 

Anyway, I love mountains and want to live on one someday.  I love hiking and forests, but I dislike desert scenes.  Currently, my favorite color is "greenery". 

I love animals, and I hate killing things, even bugs and snakes.  Sometimes I’ll kill a spider.  While I do love animals, I am not a vegetarian. 
I love the country, but I also love the urban city.  I love charming old houses and buildings with history and character.  I’m not a fan of suburbs.  They’re boring.  Convenient, but boring. 

I could  (easily) have a full day movie marathon. The Goonies, yes.  Flight of the Navigator, yes.  All I need is a cold room, blankets and pillows, and some moderately healthy, moderately junky food.  Like any girl, I love sweets, waytoooomuch.  Whole Foods makes a cookie called the Monster Cookie, or something like that.  It has oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chips, and a lot of other tastes of heaven.  It’s my current sweet crush. 

I try not to spend too much time on the world.wide.web, but I do have a few blogs I like to follow.  They are usually about all things vintage, design (like diy projects.  I'm slowly building my tool collection.), or recipes. 

I’m a dreamer and an enthusiast--both good things--and I’m learning to tame them both.  As we all know, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  Amen. 

That’s enough FYI on me.  This weekend, Lady Ann and I are going to a seed and plant festival 3 hours away.  There’s classes and workshops, and fiddlers too.  Lady Ann almost jumped out of her chair when she saw that.  While we're gone, I'm planning to have her work on a bio for your reading pleasure.  She's so great.  It's time for me to stop staring at this screen!  Have a great weekend!!

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